The Tapas Sauces is a family company with more than 50 years of experience. Our company has evolved offering products adapted to the current consumer´s preferences and lifestyle, preserving the flavors and tradition kept along the years.

The Tapas Sauce puts on your table a wide variety of sauces such as Mojo Picon or Salsa Verde.

Our facilities are the very reflection of our continuous evolution and high adaptative and responsive capacity to consumer´s new demands.



The Tapas Sauces are typical Spanish recipes. Undoubtedly, there is not a single Spanish restaurant which does not use these popular sauces, which are present in a multiplicity of traditional Spanish dishes.


The Tapas Sauces come along by the hand of the López family. Each summer, in each barbecue, the López Brothers experimented creating a new sauce. They devised diverse recipes, contents, flavors and textures.

Slowly, their sauces began to success, especially among their own neighbors, relatives, friends and so on, who started demanding a manufactured final product susceptible to be purchased in markets. Thus, the sauces started to have some fans. From the so called “mother sauces”, came up the idea of start commercializing The Tapas Sauces.

Being aware that the key lies on sharing, the López Family joined together to put in motion the project and after years of great endeavor, sacrifice and illusion they finally create the sauces as we know them nowadays.